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February 17, 2009 09:40 AM

Nominated for an Oscar for the sixth time – she’s up for Best Actress for a troubled woman with a Nazi past in The ReaderKate Winslet, 33, is a pro at negotiating Hollywood’s biggest night.

PEOPLE.COM checked in on her plans for this year.

Do you have an acceptance speech prepared?
I don’t at all. I’m just not thinking that far ahead. I just feel so happy to have had this nomination, that it’s for a film that was so challenging.

Any dresses in mind?
It’s such fun to work out what you’re going to wear. You become incredibly girlie. In England we don’t have the tradition of prom or anything like that. The closest we came was a tragic school disco where the lights would break and the music was awful. In the last few years – maybe it’s age – I feel very settled within myself. I don’t feel the red-carpet pressure. I don’t know what I’m going to be wearing yet. Hopefully it will be wonderful and relaxed.

Any crazy diets or detoxes?
N.O. [I] absolutely do not. I’m very sort of relaxed and vocal about these things. I have not done a stitch of exercise since October. I literally have not had the time. And I’m just going to eat normally, I’m not going to make cuts. If I’m keeping it together it’s by a wing and a prayer. I just want to enjoy this.”

What are looking forward to the most?
One of the great ‘Okay, you can breathe now moments’ is when you’ve gotten through the red carpet. ‘Oh god, what if I trip over, what if I say something stupid, I wonder if they can see the big zit on my chin?’ The relief moment is that moment when you get in the doors and there aren’t any cameras and you go, ‘Wheew! Where’s the bathroom?’ ”

How do you manage being a mom [to Mia, 8, and Joe, 5,] and busy actress?
With great precision. I plan everything in advance: who’s doing drop-off, who’s doing pick-up. For example, before leaving today for the airport, I remembered, last night, ‘Oh God, Mia’s lunch, and then packed Mia’s packed lunch for tomorrow. I’m making it sound like these are small things, [but] it’s the small things with children that count.

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