February 28, 2016 10:30 AM

Carol, a beautiful, aching period romance starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, may have gone home empty-handed at Saturday’s 2016 Independent Spirit Awards – but it did earn a different high honor: An awards show parody video starring Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon.

McKinnon, alongside Kumail Nanjiani, subbed in as Carol herself, all scarves and red nails and cigarettes.

McKinnon tweaked the film’s much-ness and desire – those poached eggs, that creamed spinach, the heavy pauses and heaving – with love. A Carol that had memorized SNL‘s Hillary Clinton.

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Sample lines included “I wanted to thank you with the traditional two-woman light lunch with no other agenda whatsoever” and “It was part of the seduction … I mean, ‘glove lunch.’ ”

Nanjiani stood around as the world’s most helpful, most oblivious waiter. It’s the 1950s – the world had barely met Pakistan, let alone lesbians!

Just be sure to stay to the very end of the video, when Jane Lynch and Wanda Sykes start popping up, as McKinnon’s Carol meets a few other Carols of her own.

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