Kanye West: The 'Voices in My Head' Told Me to Stage-Crash Beck at the Grammys

The rapper recreated his infamous Taylor Swift interruption Sunday


It was like a scene right out of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards: Kanye West rushing the stage after another artist beat out Beyoncé.

But West says he had a good reason for getting out of his chair when Beck won album of the year at the Grammys on Sunday: Kanye told him to do it.

“Right when that happened, everybody was looking at me and then people started screaming, ‘Kanye! Kanye! Go do it!’ Okay, that didn’t really happen. These were voices in my head,” West told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show Wednesday morning. “So the voices in my head told me go and then I just walked up like halfway up the stage.”

West says, at first, the stage-rushing was meant to be a joke that harkened back to when he interrupted Taylor Swift when she bested Queen Bey for the VMA for best female video.

“What I really wanted to do [was] just joke around about what had happened before, but I just really didn’t want to take away from Beck’s moment or the time he’s having to talk,” he explained. “The Grammys, they play music really quick no matter who you are and everything. So I didn’t want anything to take away from his screen time.”

But given time to stew about Beck’s win over Beyoncé, West says he jumped at the opportunity to air his grievances when asked about the incident on E! after the show.

“I was asked my opinion and I was given a platform. And when given a platform, it’s very hard as we know – and I’m going to talk in third person like I’m a crazy person – but it’s very hard for Kanye West to not be very true and vocal to what he feels,” he said. “You know, it’s like people take the Grammys for granted in a way because of the commercials, because a lot of the musicians are very rich and everything, but this is our Super Bowl.”

West admits his comment on E! that Beck should “respect artistry” was a “mis-wording” and he hopes the two of them can “still go play basketball and stuff.”

And it seems like Beck would be down for a pick-up game.

“I was so excited he was coming up! He deserves to be on that stage,” the singer-songwriter told reporters Sunday. “You can’t please everybody. I still love him and think he’s genius.”

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