There's a rich variety of phonemes for Travolta to mangle this year

By Alex Heigl
February 11, 2015 03:25 PM
Michel Dufour/Getty

John Travolta wrote a new chapter for himself in 2014 when he mangled Idina Menzel’s name during the Academy Awards.

And the man who created “Adele Dazeem” is presenting again at this year’s Oscars.

So, we’re covering all possible angles by feeding the Best Actor and Actress nominees’ names into Slate’s Adele Dazeem Name Generator and seeing what happens. We’ll be prepared, and you’ll be prepared. It’ll hurt less this way.

J.K. Simmons = “Jak Smotckins”

Michael Keaton = “Mitchel Keezy”

Eddie Redmayne = “Ellie Reynzo”

Bradley Cooper = “Brady Colezan”

Steve Carell = “Skye Crarter”

Felicity Jones = “Finley Jernes”

Marion Cotillard = “Martin Colezan”

Reese Witherspoon = “Reece Warshington”

Julianne Moore = “Jasmine Meems”

Rosamund Pike = “Ruairidh Pay-ne”