One example? The Revenant becomes The Revenant Al Sharpton

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated January 20, 2016 02:35 PM
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has heard the outcry over the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominations, and used his late-night forum to present a possible solution: rebranding!

On Tuesday night, Kimmel introduced the square “Stewart Bloom,” (actor Tom Virtue) a faux Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences executive who went on to eagerly suggest alternate titles for some of this year’s Best Picture contenders.

“We’re modifying many of the Oscar-nominated films to be more inclusive,” explained Virtue, before presenting the reimagined titles and movie posters.

The Big Short becomes The Big Shawty – with the addition of a C.G.I. Bow Wow – and gripping drama Room is rechristened Crib, featuring Kevin Hart.

Room is not a comedy, but Crib is – and it’s hilarious,” Virtue exclaimed as Bloom.

Leonardo DiCaprio gets cut from The Revenant in favor of Al Sharpton in The Revenant Al Sharpton, while Steve Jobs becomes Steve Harvey.

“In the new version, Steve accidentally announces the iPhone 5 instead of the iPhone 6,” joked Virtue.

Controversy has been swirling around the Oscars as non-white actors were completely snubbed in the Academy Awards’ acting categories for the second year in a row.

While many stars have called for changes in the makeup of the Academy, Kimmel jokingly revealed the real culprit: arch enemy Matt Damon – of course.