"I meet up with The Situation. We have a crunch off," he cracks about getting ready for his hosting gig

By Eunice Oh Momo Zhou
August 24, 2010 12:35 PM
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Come Sunday night, Jimmy Fallon will mark his debut as a first-time Emmy host – and that pressure has pushed him into full-on prep mode.

“[I’m doing] 100 push ups every day. Then I meet up with The Situation. We have a crunch off,” the late night host joked Monday at the Going the Distance premiere in Hollywood.

He acknowledges he probably wouldn’t be able to beat Jersey Shore star, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, but Fallon’s goal before the big ceremony is simply to “look fit.”

“I can’t be out of breath,” Fallon, 35, told PEOPLE, adding that he’s also hoping to achieve that Hollywood glow.

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“I’ve just been waking up every day, having breakfast by the pool. I try to get tan,” he says about getting ready. “But I’m Irish so I burn bright red – lobster red. But then it becomes a nice cinnamon toast color.”

But beauty regimen and looks aside, Fallon isn’t sweating the actual hosting duties. “It’s a big gig, but I host for a living now. I’m more looking forward to doing it. You get to see all of your favorite stars in the same room. It’s fun,” he says.

On the agenda for the ceremony? “Fun, class. I want to keep it fast,” says Fallon. “I want everyone to have a good time.”

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