The Joy star also opens up about her posse of A-list girlfriends
Credit: Patrick Demarchelier

Take it from Jennifer Lawrence – being one of the hottest stars in Hollywood isn’t all sunshine and roses.

“It took a few years to adjust. I didn’t really realize how angry and distorted I felt,” she tells Glamour for its February cover story, of being thrust into the spotlight after the first Hunger Games movie.

“I still felt entitled to a certain life that I just wasn’t allowed to have [anymore],” she continues. “I felt like I had the right to say, ‘I don’t want to be photographed right now, I don’t want people outside my house right now.’ ”

Lawrence’s solution to the more bothersome aspects of fame?

“I think that we should be allowed time off,” she proposes. “Three months. ‘Oh, it’s my three months off. You can’t photograph me.’ I would love to be able to control being photographed.”

As she’s stated before, Lawrence’s passion lies in acting – not in fame.

“I’m not trying to be a GIF. I’m not trying to be a picked-up-on-Twitter quote,” she says. “All I’m trying to do is act. And I have to promote these movies. And I am, at the end of the day, I guess, a f–king lunatic. So if you record what I’m saying, it’s gonna be goofy.”

Even so, the Joy actress, 25, isn’t complaining.

“I hate the ‘movie star blues.’ We are so lucky, and I love my life,” she says. “I wouldn’t take any of it back for anything.”

Joy Star Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Wait to Sit Next to BFF Amy Schumer at the Golden Globes

Arguably, one of the best things about Lawrence’s A-list status is her posse of talented women: She is currently writing a movie with Amy Schumer, and recently sent the Internet into a frenzy when she was spotted grabbing dinner with Emma Stone and Adele.

“I love Emma. She cracks me up; she’s so ‘theater.’ She’s so adorable,” Lawrence says. “And Adele and I met, like, a year or so ago. Adele and I are a bit harsher; Emma’s never had a bad thought about anybody in her life.”

She continues, “It’s so weird; I don’t like new people. But these two women – and Amy – they’re really lovely. And they’re so normal. I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends – my friends that don’t give a f— about what I do.”

So what’s in store for Lawrence and her pals in the future?

“Amy’s always wanted to live on Martha’s Vineyard, and we saw this house, and we’re like, ‘This is where we’re gonna Grey Gardens, and we’re gonna grow old and crazy together,’ ” the Golden Globe nominee says. “That’s our life plan.”