Jared Leto Continues His Red Carpet Flirt-a-thon with June Squibb

The Oscar nominees joke to Ryan Seacrest that they're dating


Sorry Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto has moved on to another Oscar nominee.

The flirtatious Leto interrupted Ryan Seacrest‘s interview with Nebraska star June Squibb and joked that they’re a couple at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

“Put the rumors to rest. We are indeed dating. I’ve been having fun and I hope she is too,” he said.

Squibb chimed in on their red carpet love fest, telling Seacrest that they, in fact met in Santa Barbara and again at the Oscar luncheon.

“Our evening in Santa Barbara was great,” said Squibb.

“Breaking couple news!” said Seacrest.

Kidding aside, Squibb told Seacrest the Dallas Buyers Club star was more than a gentleman when they linked up at the Oscar luncheon.

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“He helped me get up on the tiers for best picture. You were wonderful,” she said.

“I was never a boy scout, but it’s never too late too start,” said Leto.

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