VIDEO: Jamie Foxx Trains His Daughter for Miss Golden Globes in Hilarious 'Rocky' -Style Montage

Jamie and Corrine Foxx train for her role as 2016's Miss Golden Globes


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Jamie Foxx isn’t going to let his daughter go unprepared for her role as this year’s Miss Golden Globe.

The Annie actor’s 19-year-old, Corinne Foxx, has the honor of escorting the award-show winners off the stage on Sunday, so her dad and Vanity Fair teamed up to make sure she’s ready for the challenge.

In the video, which parodies the famous Rocky training montages, Foxx drills Corinne on things like proper smiling technique, how to run up stairs in heels and the importance of leaving a little bit of space between cheek kisses.

“You gotta be careful,” he explains during the kiss drill. “Some of these people have hepatitis. You don’t want that.”

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After putting in the hard work, Corrine says she’s still feeling a little nervous, so Foxx reminds her that “everybody’s drinking champagne and high on prescription medicine out there.”

And no matter what, he jokes, “It won’t be as bad as Steve Harvey.”

The Golden Globes airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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