December 10, 2015 04:00 PM

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations are out, along with the Golden Globe nominations, and a few names are sticking out in the crowded field.

In the Globes race, Mark Rylance, Lily Tomlin, Alicia Vikander and Idris Elba are all nominated for their work in the separate categories of film and television. For SAGs, Rylance, Elba and Helen Mirren are all double nominees. Though Rylance and Elba are facing off in two categories at two shows, we’re slightly biased toward Elba.

This is because Idris Elba is awesome, and I’m tired of having to tell you people that.

Luther is a fantastic series – I told you this already – and it’s been nominated eight times at the Emmys with no wins. That is a crime, and for a show about heinous crimes, it’s especially galling. (I already made that joke at that previous link. I apologize.)

Beasts of No Nation has a 79 rating over at Metacritic, averaged from 30 critics, and it’s directed by personal favorite (and possible Nic Pizzolatto enemy) Cary Fukunaga. For Elba, whose father was originally from Sierra Leone, the film – which concerns a civil war in an unnamed African country – must have been something of a personal experience.

All of this is to say, nothing against Rylance or Tomlin or anyone, but I would love to see Elba walk home with an actual armload of awards come January (10th for the Globes and 30th for the SAGs, if you were wondering). And not just because he wants to collaborate with David Bowie on an album, which I am 100 percent sure is an event that would finally allow me to die happy.

Iris Elba for President of the World.

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