Beyoncé is having a really big night

We don’t think we’ll ever emotionally recover from Beyoncé‘s Grammys performance — and neither can these celebs.

Jennifer Lopez was caught crying while Chrissy Teigen did what she did best: tweet her emotions in real-time.

Here, a comprehensive roundup of how the world reacted to the arrival of (pregnant!) Queen Bey.

Chrissy Teigen shared her current state with her Twitter followers.

Chrissy, Jason Derulo and John Legend served as each other’s support systems.

Jemima Kirke was in tune with our inner dialogue.

Mindy Kaling was quick to get to the bottom of Twitter’s burst of feels.

Yara Shahidi was not immune to Bey’s flawlessness.

Gabrielle Union literally read our minds.

Elizabeth Banks used the moment to teach her kids an important, universal lesson.

Dane Cook channeled his inner feminist.

Former bandmate Kelly Rowland shared her love.

Anna Kendrick had a sudden epiphany.

Gigi Hadid couldn’t help but bow down to the Queen.

And Issa Rae got real.

We can’t imagine anyone is going to regain their composure anytime soon.