Adele Blames 'Piano Mics' For Grammys Audio Issues – Says She's Treating Herself to an In-N-Out Burger

Adele performed "All I Ask" during the Grammy Awards

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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The culprit has been apprehended.

After a performance marred by technical issues, the Internet was left speculating who screwed up Adele‘s sound during the Grammys Monday.

The singer, who performed “All I Ask,” took to Twitter after the ceremony to explain the strange guitar tuning sounds that interrupted her soaring voice.

“The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that’s what the guitar sound was,” the British star wrote. “It made it sound out of tune. S— happens. X.”

The star kept a positive attitude, despite appearing visibly upset during the broadcast. In fact, Adele decided to wash away her musical sorrows with an incomparable treat: In-N-Out.

“Because of it though… I’m treating myself to an in n out,” she wrote. Adding of the popular fast food joint, “So maybe it was worth it.”

Neil Portnow, the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, told reporters in the press room that it was an issue of too many complicated performances.

“We had the most complicated show on television. Period. End of story,” he said. “With each musical performance, we change over the microphones, the wires. I mean, if you’ve been backstage I can t understand how they get it done, but they do. So, from my understanding, the microphone in the piano was knocked into the strings inside of the piano, so what was done there and these things happen the engineer people had to switch over on their backup system, so to switch over on the backup system, they had to back out for a couple seconds in the house here, and that’s what happened.

“All credit to her for how professional she is,” he continued. “She did a great job and we certainly don’t like when those things happen, but those things happen sometimes.”

Some fans on Twitter speculated that the twangs heard during the performance were caused by Justin Bieber, who performed with an acoustic guitar after the British singer.

In addition to the weird twangs, Adele’s audio also cut out during her song. The performance was the singer’s first at music’s big night in years.

While she took the stage, the 27-year-old was not, in fact, nominated for any awards. Her record-breaking album 25 just barely missed the eligibility period for nominees, meaning fans can look for Adele, again, next year.

With reporting by NICOLE SANDS

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