Our mothers really ate into our family plan's data allotment with all the messages they were sending Sunday evening

By People Staff
February 09, 2015 03:05 PM
PEOPLE.com Illustration By Debra Cartwright

You’ve read what industry insiders, fashion critics and stars had to say about music’s biggest night. But the real gems come from another source: our mothers, who really ate into our family plan’s data allotment with all the messages they were sending Sunday evening.

Read on for the most important reactions to the red carpet looks, the performances, LLCJ (that’s mom speak for LL Cool J) hosting and, of course, Beyoncé.

And if your mom (or dad or aunt or uncle or grandparent) had something hysterical to say about the Grammys, please, please don’t keep those texts to yourself. Tweet them @peoplemag with the hashtag #textsfrommom.

"I love Taylor. She’s a savvy business woman."

"Do you think Keith Urban needs a new hairdo or hairdresser?"

"Your sister needs to meet Juanes. He’s cute!"

"Can anyone in the audience even name one member of AC/DC?"

Ten minutes later: "Again name one person in the band."

"I have to say Madonna was amazing. She’s no spring chicken."

"Madonna rocked it. She must have three personal trainers."

During Miranda Lambert’s performance: "Time for computer solitaire."

At 9 p.m.: "Alright. Time to switch to Downton Abbey."

"I think Paul McCartney was just disrespected. No solo. No thanks."

"I hate that Kanye West has a nice voice."

"Glad Pharrell ditched the hat."

"Usher The new Smokey Robinson. He has a great voice."

On Rihanna’s red carpet gown and subsequent oversize suit: "From a wedding cake of a dress to her big brother’s suit really? It does not even fit. Seriously some guy backstage is in his boxers right now."

"Beyoncé looks elegant. She is such a lady. LOVE YOU!!!"

"Mary J. Blige and Sam Smith are simply magical."

"Who is Beck?"

"LLCJ is so hot and his tux is top shelf."

"Ohhh more old people music .trying to get old people to update playlists."

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