Golden Globes: The Wildest Moments You Didn't See on TV

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence continue their BFF moment and Matt Damon and Brad Pitt exchange contact information


The Golden Globes have officially wrapped – with plenty of entertaining moments taking place during the broadcast. But a lot of the fun happened when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Here are some of the candid moments PEOPLE witnessed from inside the ceremony.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer made quite the impression with their joint presentation – and further proved their BFF status during commercial break as they hugged on stage for a long time after the lights went down at the end of their speech.

The Lawrence love fest continued later, with the actress gushing over Downton Abbey‘s, Joanne Froggatt, telling her, “I feel like I know you! I love you!” Froggatt responded in kind, saying she feels Lawrence is one of the best actresses of her generation and “such a good role model.”

Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet both took home awards – and DiCaprio was particularly giddy when Winslet won for Steve Jobs, screaming “yay” and trying to get her attention. After DiCaprio’s win, Winslet made a beeline for the Revenant star and whispered something in his ear and he laughed uproariously as they embraced.

Later, Winslet spent time chatting with her costar Michael Fassbender and David Oyelowo, and went on to have a conversation with Quentin Tarantino. They talked about getting together and working together, and she ended the conversation with, “let’s do it!”

Kate Hudson sipped vodka on rocks and kissed Terrence Howard on the lips. Shortly after, Tarantino mock punched the Empire star in face, and he pretended to fall down – to laughter from all.

Hot off her win for The Affair, Maura Tierney took a cocktail break and said she thought one of the main reasons she won was because of the writing for the famous hair salon episode.

They may have worked on the Ocean’s 11 trilogy together, but Brad Pitt and Matt Damon apparently don’t have each others’ contact information. After the ceremony, Damon was spotted telling Pitt, “let me get your info” and pulling out his cellphone. They weren’t the only stars making plans to connect, with Zoe Kazan and Gabby Hoffmann overheard setting up a coffee date.

There were plenty of couple’s in love, with and Damon wife Luciana adorably laughing during show, and Mark Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise Coigney taking selfies during a commercial break. But the good husband award may go to Eddie Redmayne, who gallantly escorted his expectant wife Hannah to the restroom.

Harrison Ford was among the most sought-after stars at the show, with people flocking to him. Ryan Gosling chatted him up, with Ford telling the younger star he’d love to discuss something at a later date.

“I’m here, give me a call. I’d love to get together – looking forward to it.” Moments later, Orlando Bloom took a video selfie with Ford and his wife Calista Flockhart. Christian Bale also sought the couple out and had a great time chatting with them during a commercial break.

By the veggie platter, engaged stars Jaimie Alexander and Peter Facinelli made several attempts to snap the perfect selfie.

Lady Gaga took home a Globe for her work on American Horror Story, appearing nervous as she delivered her speech – and her fiancé Taylor Kinney lovingly took note.

“She can get up at a concert in front of 80,000 people, no problem. But on stage at an award show…” he was overheard saying in the hallway, making a motion indicating Gaga had been nervous.

Katy Perry remained close to male friend Derek Blasberg throughout the night, and Mr. Robot nominee Rami Malek asked Jon Hamm to meet his mother, who sweetly obliged and posed for photo. Malek’s mother was quite the hit, with Liev Schreiber palling around with the pair and telling him, “I just love your mom, man!” Speaking of mothers, Saiorse Ronan graciously brought her mom beers to their table.

Schreiber was inseparable from pal Damian Lewis during the night and Hamm spent time shaking hands and exchanging compliments with Michael B. Jordan, with leading men with Chris Evans and Oscar Isaac having a similar exchange.

TV viewers saw Sylvester Stallonetake home the supporting actor in a drama Globe, with him thanking Rocky Balboa as “the best imaginary friend” he’d ever had. During the commercial break, he kept his speech going, thanking Creed director Ryan Coogler.

Jane Fonda seriously bonded with Cate Blanchett on main floor, hugging and gossiping. Fonda also spent some time chatting with Paul Dano – and while many of the stars enjoyed champagne or wine, Fonda had a martini delivered to her table on a silver tray.

Designer Tom Ford got some big compliments from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, the couple thanking him for all he’s done.

Billy Bush came prepared and Rob Lowe a Powerball ticket. He brought more than 100 and handed them out to stars, and Lowe joked to PEOPLE, “nobody wants Lowe to win.”

Gina Rodriguez complimented Jason Statham on how he kills people in the movies, and elsewhere his Spy costar Melissa McCarthy and Oscar Isaac bonded. “I will find you! I will find you tomorrow!” she told him.

Joy director David O. Russell – who had a big lipstick kiss on his cheek from his winning star Lawrence – accidentally knocked a woman over on the stairs. But it was okay as several people helped her up.

Meanwhile, Gerard Butler was in his element, enjoying flirting and taking selfies with a lot of ladies at the ceremony, while Rupert Murdoch and former model Jerry Hall, who are rumored to be dating, were inseparable, spending time holding hands on the smoking patio.

Stars weren’t just palling around inside the show, they were supportive of each other ahead of the ceremony too. Near the end of the red carpet, Olivia Wilde gave some encouragement to Kirsten Dunst, telling her, “you’re almost done!” while Rachel McAdams laughed it off as someone stepped as her train.

At the end of the night, Pitt was one of the final celebrities at the show and took time for some pictures with Ford.

“I got to go guys with my buddy here,” he said as he was hustled out with pal Jon Krasinski.

Bale was taken backstage after lingering after most people had left, with him remarking that he likes to be around when no one else is there. Damon was one of the last to leave ballroom, embracing Ford on way out.

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