Golden Globes Seek Deal with Writers

The awards group says it's "only fair" to get the same break as David Letterman

Photo: Ezio Petersen/Landov

The Golden Globes called on striking Hollywood writers Wednesday for a deal to allow the show to be aired without picket lines.

Jorge Camara, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, said the Globes were seeking the same kind of interim agreement that the Writers Guild of America reached with David Letterman allowing his program to resume with union writers.

“We feel that the Late Show with David Letterman agreement is very reasonable, and hope and expect the WGA will agree to the same terms and ultimately permit the Golden Globe Awards to be broadcast as scheduled, without picket lines, on Sunday, January 13,” said Camara.

The WGA also has interim agreements with the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Film Independent Spirit Awards, allowing those shows to be aired without picket lines that top stars may not cross.

“We want to enter into an agreement with the WGA that will allow the entertainment industry to celebrate the outstanding work of creative individuals in addition to millions of fans nationwide,” said Camara. “It is only fair that we be afforded the same opportunity as these other awards shows.”

The Globes have been negotiating with the WGA since Dec. 29. The WGA had earlier voted against a waiver to allow its writers to work on the show and said members would set up picket lines. Before the Globes statement Wednesday, NBC had still planned to air the show despite the picket threat.

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