From JLD eating to J-Law creeping, let's review the most popular GIFs of the 71st annual Golden Globes

By Nate Jones
Updated January 13, 2014 01:00 PM

It’s the Internet’s favorite post-awards-show activity: slicing up the previous night’s ceremony into discrete GIF-able moments that spread like wildfire across social media.

As the animated highlights from the 71st annual Golden Globes make their way across the Web, it’s time to separate the flashes in the pan from the truly legendary ones. Which GIFs will fade with Monday’s hangovers, and which will achieve lasting immortality as a reaction-GIF staple? We’ve ranked them to find out.

14. Amy Poehler dresses up as Tina Fey’s teenage son Randy

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A funny moment, but not really GIFable, which for our purposes means it’s basically useless.

13. Diddy can’t quite land a hug from Bono

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An amusing moment that viewers might have missed in real life, but near-miss hugs are a crowded field.

12. Tina and Amy give a Scandal nod

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Another great moment, but the lack of sound handicaps this one a bit.

11. Tina introduces Leo with a classic one-liner

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Unquestionably the best joke of the night (runners-up: The George Clooney Gravity jab and the Matthew McConaughey weight-loss crack), although we’re skeptical if it’ll be able to transcend its specific context like the best GIFs can.

10. The Parks and Rec cast photobombs Sofia Vergara

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Pretty good photobomb! They could have gotten a little sillier.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow is bored

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The best GIFs reinforce our preconceived notions of a star, and that’s precisely what’s going on here. (Though to be fair this was during the Hollywood Foreign Press president’s speech, a moment so boring that even the annual jokes about how boring it is can’t save it.)

8. Idris Elba gives good wink

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We have a feeling this one will be enjoyed a great deal by certain segments of the population.

7. Orlando Bloom malfunctions

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A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it grimace can now occur infinitely until the collapse of civilization. That’s the power of the Internet!

6. Elisabeth Moss flips off the mani-cam

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Good on Lizzy Moss – we’d been wondering which star would be bold enough to pull off this gag.

5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus eats a hot dog

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Move over Patrick Stewart, this is the perfect quadruple take.

4. Jennifer Lawrence creeps on Taylor Swift

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J. Law’s gonna J. Law. The grimace, along with the staggering Frankenstein footsteps, makes this.

3. Amy Poehler gets to first base with Bono

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Sure, she did basically the same gag last year, but come on, who doesn’t enjoy seeing Leslie Knope get some rock-star loving?

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus smokes, ignores Reese Witherspoon

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It’s the specificity here that gets us with this GIF. It’s not just a cigarette she’s smoking, it’s a blue e-cig. It’s not just anyone she’s ignoring, it’s onetime American Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon. Search Tumblr for “IDGAF” in two weeks, and this GIF will be all over it.

1. Emma Thompson throws her shoes

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For one glorious moment, real life became a Marx Brothers comedy, and we have Emma Thompson to thank for that.

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