The 14 Most Talked About Moments of the Golden Globes

Revisit the most hilarious, heartwarming and cringeworthy parts of the show

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No One Was Safe from Ricky Gervais' Opening Monologue

Host Ricky Gervais speaks onstage during the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards
Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal/Getty

The five-time Globes host started off the night ready to skewer everyone in sight.

"Let's have a laugh — at your expense, shall we? Remember, they're just jokes," Gervais told the A-list crowd, before touching on several sensitive topics ranging from Felicity Huffman's college admissions scandal arrest to Leonardo DiCaprio's choice of girlfriends.

Gervais did, however, say it would be his final time as host.

"Once again, they've made me an offer I can't refuse. But this is the very last time I'm doing this, which could make for a fun evening," Gervais said in a press release when he was announced as host in November.

That may explain why he decided not to hold back as he kicked off the night.

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Tom Hanks' Reaction to Ricky Gervais' Opening Got the Meme Treatment

Tom Hanks golden globes

Following the host's brutally honest opener, Hanks could not hide his hilarious reactions to Gervais' raunchy jokes.

The actor first caught viewers' attention when he was spotted with wide eyes and his mouth open in disbelief as Gervais made a joke about Felicity Huffman's recent stint in prison. Then, the camera caught Hanks making a super-tense face as he looked away from the stage. Naturally, the Internet ran wild with it.

"Tom Hanks is all of us during that monologue," wrote one Twitter user.

"Tom Hanks' face during Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes monologue says everything," wrote another.

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Bong Joon Ho Made Golden Globes History

Bong Joon-ho
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Parasite won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film, which makes Bong the very first Korean director to ever win a Globe. The director brought up a translator on stage to help with his acceptance speech, during which he asked people to pay more notice to foreign films.

"Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films," Bong said. "Just being nominated along with fellow amazing international filmmakers was a huge honor. I think we use only one language: the cinema."

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Beyoncé & JAY-Z Brought Their Own Champagne

NBC's "77th Annual Golden Globe Award
Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty

In true music mogul fashion, the couple brought their own bubbly to sip on throughout the show. Need proof? In a photo tweeted by Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman, the duo can be seen standing arm-in-arm as they watched Kate McKinnon present the Carol Burnett Award for outstanding contribution to television to Ellen DeGeneres. A man who looks to be the couple's bodyguard stands beside them, appearing to hold two bottles of Armand de Brignac Champagne.

Then later, Beyoncé was seen clinking glasses with Portia de Rossi, as JAY-Z took a sip nearby.

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Ansel Elgort Sang the Nominees While Dakota Fanning Cracked Up

Ansel Elgort presenting on stage with Dakota Fanning

The actor threw everyone for a loop when he decided to sing the nominees for best original song, while co-presenter Fanning couldn't stop laughing. After Elgort concluded his short performance, the two presented the award to Elton John for his song "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again," featured in the biopic about his life, Rocketman.

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Taylor Swift Presented with Amy Poehler 7 Years After a Controversial Joke

NBC's "77th Annual Golden Globe Award
Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty

Things seem to be all good after Poehler's dig at Swift at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. When Poehler hosted with pal Tina Fey, the comedian-actresses made a joke about Swift and her dating history.

"You know what Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J. Fox's son," Fey said in 2013.

"Or go for it," Poehler replied.

Fey added before moving on, "No, she needs some me-time to learn about herself."

Swift condemned the joke in an April 2013 Vanity Fair cover story, but has seemingly gotten over it because she and Poehler made jokes as they presented the award for best animated film at this year's Globes.

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Kate McKinnon Held Back Tears as She Introduced Honoree Ellen DeGeneres

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon. Shutterstock

The SNL star had the big job of introducing one of the night's biggest honorees, and she did so while trying to hold back her emotions.

"In 1997, when Ellen's sitcom was at the height of its popularity, I was in my mother's basement lifting weights in front of the mirror thinking, 'Am I gay?' And I was. And I still am," McKinnon began her speech. "But that's a very scary thing to suddenly know about yourself. It's sort of like doing 23andMe and discovering you have alien DNA. And the only thing that made it less scary was seeing Ellen on TV."

But it was the risk DeGeneres took by coming out that almost brought McKinnon to tears.

"She risked her entire life and her entire career in order to tell the truth, and she suffered greatly for it," McKinnon continued. "Of course, attitudes change, but only because brave people like Ellen jump into the fire to make them change. And if I hadn't seen her on TV, I would've thought, 'I could never be on TV. They don't let LGBTQ people on TV.' And more than that, I would've gone on thinking I was an alien and that I maybe didn't even have a right to be here. So, thank you, Ellen, for giving me a shot at a good life."

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Ellen DeGeneres Thanked Carol Burnett: 'She Never Let Us Down'

Ellen Degeneres Golden Globes
Ellen DeGeneres accepting the Carol Burnett Award at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards. NBC

The celebrated TV host and comedian arrived on stage to accept the Carol Burnett Award for her outstanding contributions to television and gave a heartfelt — and of course, funny — acceptance speech. She used her time to honor the icon behind the award.

"I feel like we all think we know someone when we watch someone on TV for as long as we're on TV. That's what it was like for me with Carol Burnett. I feel like I knew her. She showed us who she was every week. She was larger than life. We counted on her to make us feel good, and she delivered, every single week. She never let us down," DeGeneres said.

"She was hilarious in all the sketches that she did, and when she did the Q and A with the audience, she was genuine and personal and I always felt like she was speaking to me," she added.

The star went on to share how grateful she was to inspire those who watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"All I've ever wanted to do is to make people feel good and to laugh, and there's no greater feeling than when someone tells me that I've made their day better with my show or that I've helped them get through a sickness or a hard time in their lives," she continued. "But the real power of television for me is not that people watch my show, but people watch my show and then they're inspired to do the same thing in their own lives."

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Patricia Arquette Begged 'of Us All' to Give Kids a 'Better World'

patricia arquette

The actress took home the trophy for best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a series, limited series or motion picture made for television for the work she did in The Act. However, she used her acceptance speech to speak about larger current events, including the raging fires in Australia and the United States' political climate.

"I'm so grateful to be here and celebrate this," Arquette said. "But I know tonight, Jan. 5, 2020, we're not going to look back at this night, in the history books."

"We'll see a country on the brink of war. The United States of America, a President tweeting out a threat of 52 bombs, including cultural sites," she continued. "Young people, risking their lives, traveling across the world. People not knowing if bombs will drop on their kids' heads."

"And the continent of Australia on fire," she added. "So while I love my kids so much, I beg of us all to give them a better world. For our kids and their kids, we have to vote in 2020, and we have to get, beg and plead for everyone we know to vote in 2020. Thank you."

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Pierce Brosnan's Goatee Went Viral on Twitter

Pierce Brosnan/ KFC Colonel Sanders
Frazer Harrison/Getty; KFC

After the actor debuted his new facial hair on the red carpet, Twitter immediately went into casting mode to suggest roles for his next movie. Among the suggestions: a biopic on KFC founder Colonel Sanders, a role as the next Paddington villain and, in a major turn, a James Bond villain, after four stints as Bond himself.

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Michelle Williams Powerfully Championed 'a Woman's Right to Choose'

Michelle Williams Golden Globes

After winning best actress in a miniseries or TV film for Fosse/Verdon, Williams made a powerful speech about amplifying women's voices.

"I've tried my very best to live a life of my own making and not just a series of events that happened to me, but one that I can stand back and look at and recognize my handwriting all over," she said. "Sometimes, messy and scrawling, sometimes careful and precise. But one that I had carved with my own hand, and I wouldn't have been able to do this without employing a woman's right to choose."

"To choose when to have my children and with whom, when I felt supported and able to balance our lives, knowing, as all mothers know, the scales must and will tip towards our children," the actress continued. "Now, I know my choices might look different than yours, but thank God, or whomever you pray to, that we live in a country founded on the principle that I am free to live by my faith and you are free to live by yours."

"So, women 18 to 118, when it is time to vote, please do so in your own self-interest," Williams concluded. "It's what men have been doing for years, which is why the world looks so much like them, but don't forget we are the largest voting body in this country. Let's make it look more like us."

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Jason Momoa Got Twitter Into a Frenzy with His Muscle-Baring Tank Top

NBC's "77th Annual Golden Globe Award
Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty

The Aquaman star may have arrived wearing a green velvet jacket by Tom Ford, but once he got inside, he decided to strip down into a comfy black tank top instead.

Several fans captured the on-camera moment and posted screenshots to Twitter, with one pointing out that the fashion choice is "peak Jason Momoa."

"Only @JasonMomoa could pull off the black tank top at a formal affair. #workit #GoldenGlobes" another social media user wrote.

"Jason Momoa didn't get the tux memo and I love it," another added.

Turns out his move was chivalrous: he gave his blazer to wife Lisa Bonet.

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Jennifer Aniston Laughed at Brad Pitt's Joke About His Dating Life

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
George Pimentel/WireImage; Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal Media, LLC via Getty Images)

The former lovers are now friendly exes, who can both appreciate a good joke. Pitt had the audience laughing as he accepted his award for best supporting actor in a motion picture when he joked about his high-profile dating life: "I wanted to bring my mom but I couldn't, because anyone I stand next to, they say I'm dating. And that would just be awkward."

The camera quickly panned to Aniston, who was spotted laughing in the crowd.

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Awkwafina Became the First Asian Actor to Win Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy

Awkwafina Golden Globes

This was a historic win for the first-time nominated actress. She took home the award for her role in The Farewell, and accepted the honor while adding her signature humor.

"This is great. Thank you. If anything, I fall upon hard times, I can sell this so that's good," the actress joked.

Then continued: "First of all, thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press. I've never been to the Golden Globes, so I'm here now and it's this and it's great."

"Thank you. And most importantly to Lulu Wang, our incredible director. You gave me this chance, the chance of a lifetime and you taught me so much. Just filming the story, being with you, was incredible," she continued.

Then added, "I'd like to dedicate this to my dad, Wally. I told you I'd get a job, dad."

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