Dresses? Winners? Nope, all we care about is Ryan and Brad's amazing faces

By Lydia Price
Updated January 10, 2016 10:15 PM

That faint flapping you heard a few minutes ago was the sound of our collective hearts fluttering when Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt appeared together on the Golden Globes stage.

The Big Short stars introduced the best picture nominee, and they made a lot of very important expressions with their awe-inspiring, god-like visages in the process. (For future reference, you can call them by their new celeb couple name: “Bryan.” You’re welcome.)

The ‘Can you even believe how good looking we are right now?’

The ‘I was really hoping to present alone.’

The ‘Seriously, our level of attractiveness is startling’

The ‘Even I can’t take my eyes off of Ryan.’

The ‘Why didn’t they just let us host the whole show?’

The ‘Just look at all the beautiful humans listening to us talk.’

The ‘Excuse me, I believe that’s my mic.’

The ‘Control your swoons, this is a very serious moment.’