Just in case Rachel Bloom's adorable Globes acceptance speech didn't win you over

By Julia Emmanuele
Updated January 10, 2016 10:00 PM

When Rachel Bloom adorably and tearfully accepted the Golden Globe for best performance in a television series (musical or comedy), did you find yourself turning to the person closest to you and asking “Wait, what is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Well, first things first, you probably aren’t the only one. But, if that was the case, you are definitely missing out.

The weird, wonderful CW show centers around Rebecca Bunch (Bloom), a New York lawyer who leaves her high-powered job in order to move across the country to West Covina, California, after a fateful run in with the ex-boyfriend who got away, Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III). Along the way, she makes new friends, attempts to find what truly makes her happy and frequently breaks into hilarious, incredibly catchy songs.

In other words: You definitely need this show in your life.

But just in case you need a little more convincing, here are 5 amazing reasons to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

1. It’s relatable – a little too relatable sometimes
“Rebecca is an exaggeration of what we have all been through when we’ve been under the spell of love,” Bloom told PEOPLE about her character. And while we maybe all haven’t moved across the country simply to try and convince a high school ex to give our (no doubt destined) love another try, we all have done embarrassing, ridiculous things in the name of love that we’ve regretted in the light of day. If you’ve ever drunk-texted your ex after a bottle (or two) of wine, or even planned your outfits out a week in advance before you knew you were going to run into your crush, you’ll find yourself cringing and laughing – and feeling relieved that you’ve never been quite where Rebecca’s been.

2. Rachel Bloom is the best friend you never knew you were missing
On the off chance that her acceptance speech didn’t totally win you over, her hilarious Twitter feed, insane talent and ability to find the humor in all of the most awkward moments of life should do the trick. Plus, she totally gets what goes through all of our minds every single time we attempt to squeeze ourselves into a pair of Spanx after overindulging during the holidays.

3. The songs are hilarious (and catchy!)
Whether they’re breaking down the nuances of Rebecca’s situation, explaining our inner monologue every time we decide to meet up with a guy we’re messaging on Tinder or articulating the lies we tell ourselves after stealing a co-worker’s milkshake, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend puts all of those feelings into songs … and then gets those songs stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

4. It’s the perfect companion to Jane the Virgin
Remember back in 2015, when we took a chance on a little CW show about a girl who was accidentally inseminated after Gina Rodriguez won us over with her powerful, inspiring Golden Globes speech? Remember how much we ended up loving Jane the Virgin as a result? Allow those fond memories to inspire you to give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, another weird, goofy, sounds-like-it-shouldn’t-work-but-totally-does show, a try. Trust us, they make for an amazing Monday night TV lineup.

5. It isn’t afraid to get a little dark
Come on, just look at the title! Rebecca battles anxiety and depression on the show, and despite all of the candy-colored musical numbers, it’s treated with the kind of respect, nuance and kindness that makes it easy to see our own struggles in hers. “I was kind of a dark kid,” Bloom told PEOPLE about the experiences that inspired the show. “You mix a love with musical theater, a darkness and a slight anxiety disorder – that doesn’t really fit in with the popular girls who were going surfing every weekend. I was a really enthusiastic, exuberant kid.” It’s that mix of light and dark that makes Crazy Ex-Girlfriend feel real … even if the rest of us don’t regularly get to ride on giant pretzels on a regular basis. (Now you have to watch it to understand that reference.)