Here's how the Globes could shake up the Oscar race

By Alynda Wheat
January 11, 2016 07:00 AM

Does anyone even know what a Revenant is? We should probably all get on the same page about that, because the Leonardo DiCaprio film directed by Alejandro G. Iñérritu just burst forth as an Oscar frontrunner. That means that the race to the Academy Awards didn’t so much tighten, but dogleg wildly to the left. Hang on.

In the grand tally of who’s up and who’s down, the brutal drama, in which DiCaprio plays a man left for dead only to fight for vengeance, surged on Globes night. The Revenant not only grabbed wins for best motion picture drama, but for Iñérritu (who won the Oscar last near for Birdman) and DiCaprio, who’s almost certain to get an Academy Award nomination when they’re announced this Thursday.

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Shockingly, Spotlight was left in the dark, while The Big Short came up just that – short. The erstwhile frontrunners gave up some ground to crowd-pleaser The Martian, which won for best motion picture comedy and for star Matt Damon. The caveat here is that sci-fi adventure won as a comedy, a category choice so laughable that host Ricky Gervais took every opportunity to giggle at the absurdity of it. In order for it to rocket past the juggernaut that is The Revenant, Damon really would have to science the s— out of it. (Not impossible!)

As for the acting categories, it seems Leo might be able to ” “dust off space on the mantle” “” “” “0” ], but Jennifer Lawrence, who won for her role in Joy, may not want to count her Oscars before they hatch. Brie Larson also picked up a Globe last night for her stunning work in the kidnap drama Room, making her a huge contender for the big show. Even if Larson somehow doesn’t take it all, Lawrence would still have to shoulder past Cate Blanchett, who was phenomenal in Carol. Just because Blanchett didn’t win last night, doesn’t mean she’s one to count out.

There’s one other person (not even nominated last night) who might come out of this a winner: Tom Hardy. DiCaprio’s costar in The Revenant hasn’t received much awards-season love yet, but if the film sways Oscar voters the way it did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, then he could see some much overdue recognition. We’ll find out Thursday morning, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences fills us in on the Oscar nominees. Until then, it’s still anybody’s game.