New BFFs! Katy Perry and Her Huge Hair Gets a Huge Hug from Jennifer Lawrence for Tweeting Her Praise of 'Joy'

The singer will present an award at the show

Photo: E! Entertainment

Jennifer Lawrence has another fan in Katy Perry, who praised the actress for her performance in Joy.

The unexpected pair met on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday night.

After E! host Ryan Seacrest mentioned that Perry, 31, tweeted about loving the movie, he introduced the two, who shared a hug.

J-Law, 25, was hilariously distracted by Perry’s pompadour hair, which she quickly explained was thanks to a Bumpit.

“I have a Bumpit in here, an As Seen On TV Bumpit,” Perry, who is presenting an award, explains. “I got my hair up and my globes out.”

Seacrest quickly steered the conversation back to Joy and Lawrence’s performance, which earned her a nomination for best actress in a musical or comedy movie.

Perry explains that she saw the movie solo.

“I saw it alone by myself in Santa Barbara.”

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“This is a sad story!” Lawrence interjects.

“In my Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants and I was like, ‘I can make it in the world! You inspire me!’ ” Perry continues.

But as Lawrence quickly pointed out, Perry’s a huge star right now.

“Honey you already made it,” Lawrence says.

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