Jennifer Lawrence also caused a stir on Sunday after she scolded a reporter backstage for using his phone
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Jennifer Lawrence may have won the statuette at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, but she says BFF Amy Schumer nabbed the real prize: an amazing boyfriend.

The actress, who won the award for best actress in a musical or comedy, told Extra that she’s a fan of Schumer’s new man Ben Hanisch.

“Ben’s great,” Lawrence, 25, said. “Ben is, like, hot and when I first saw him I was like ‘Ohhh’ …”

Schumer and the Chicago-based furniture designer first revealed their relationship last week, and the Trainwreck star told PEOPLE on the red carpet Sunday that they are “in love“.

“He’s like super sweet, he does not have to be that nice cause he’s hot,” Lawrence told Extra‘s Jerry Penacoli.

Lawrence also stirred up a little drama after the ceremony when she scolded a reporter in the press room.

“You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro,” she said to the reporter who didn’t look up from his phone while asking her a question.

She continued, “You can’t do that. You gotta live in the now.”

The reporter could be heard apologizing as others in the room giggled, before continuing his question.

“How do you see yourself for the Oscar night and how was working?” he said before Lawrence, again, interrupted. “We’re at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you’d know that,” she told him.

Another reporter, Chris Trondsen, however, said he was in the press room and came to the journalist’s defense.

“He was not reading questions off of his phone,” Trondsen wrote in a series of tweets. He continued, “The reporter was asking a question but either filming or taking pictures off of his phone while talking to Jennifer Lawrence.”