The Jane the Virgin star was nominated for best actress in a television series, musical or comedy

Credit: Alberto Rodriguez/NBC/Getty

Talk about a family feud!

Gina Rodriguez‘s father, Genaro Rodriguez, may have ultimately nabbed the spot as the actress’s Golden Globes date, but apparently, the competition was tight.

Rodriguez told PEOPLE on the red carpet at the 73rd annual awards ceremony on Sunday that her sister, Ivelisse Simon – who attended with her last year – “fought” her dad for the ticket last year.

This year, though? Simon and Rodriguez’s other sister, Rebecca Rodriguez, folded in favor of their father.

“This year they were like, ‘Okay, dad can go,’ ” she said.

Bringing her father along was very special for the Jane the Virgin star, who was nominated again for best actress in a television series, musical or comedy after winning last year.

“I’m trying not to cry,” she told PEOPLE. “All I keep telling myself is, ‘Don’t cry, the makeup artist will kick your ass.’ ”

So how did Rodriguez, 31, prepare for the big night in her Zac Posen gown? By doing housework, of course.

“I woke up and I cleaned up my dog’s s— on the ground, I cleaned my apartment ’cause it was really messy and I knew I had a bunch of people coming over,” she said. “I vacuumed my bedroom because the carpet was gross.”

But, yes, she also reflected on what was to come – and the potential to follow up her 2015 win.

“I had a moment to myself – like a real, hardcore moment – just so like, it does not matter what happens,” she explained. “There’s room for all of us. I won last year and got to experience it. It’d be great for another girl to experience it. I’m lucky to even be here a second time.”

In the end, Rodriguez’s CW colleague Rachel Bloom took home the statuette for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.