7 of the Finest Moments of Shade at the Golden Globes

Lesson learned: Do not get in Lady Gaga's way when she has an award to accept


Ah, shade. It’s a wonderful thing. And at an award show as wild, weird and generally loose as the Golden Globes, you’re gonna get a lot of good shade.

With Ricky Gervais in the hosting seat again, there were obviously going to be a few second-glances whenever one of his purposefully offensive jokes hit home slightly harder – but there were also a few between presenters. Let’s take a look.

Jane Fonda vs. Jonah Hill’s Bear Bit


Jane Fonda did not seem to enjoy Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s awkward show-opening bit, if the above reaction shot was any indication. Around the world, bears could be heard sighing in solidarity.

America Ferrera vs. the Golden Globes


“I’m America Ferrera, not Gina Rodriguez,” Ferrera said while at the podium, referencing the awkward moment last year when the Golden Globes Twitter account got the two Latina actresses confused during their nomination announcement. “Thank you, Charo,” Eva Longoria said at the end.

Jamie Foxx vs. Steve Harvey … and Quentin Tarantino


Foxx made two quick impressions in his time onstage, first “pulling a Steve Harvey” by announcing Straight Outta Compton as the winner of the best score award, then by calling out Quentin Tarantino for comparing the world of film soundtrack composition to a “ghetto.”

Ryan vs. Brad


Sure, it was a bit. But having Ryan Gosling pretend to be angry at Brad Pitt for getting more lines as a presenter? Okay, it wasn’t actually that funny on paper, but Gosling’s delivery really sold it. He’s a good kid.

Aziz vs. Jeffrey

Aziz Ansari probably wasn’t actually upset about losing the Golden Globe (to Gael Garcéa Bernal, not Jeffrey Tambor, as it turns out), but the fact that he had this book made and prepared to use as a prop? That’s dedication. That’s playing the long game even if the gag didn’t quite pan out as predicted.

Leo and Gaga


The lesson here is twofold: Do not bump into Leo, and do not get in Lady Gaga’s way when she has an award to accept.

Amy Schumer vs. Phones


Seriously, stop taking pictures. Put your phones away. Noted.

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