Girl Scouts Use Leonardo DiCaprio in Latest Ad Campaign: 'Leo Buys Cookies at the Awards. Leo Wins an Oscar'

"Leo is smart. Be like Leo. Buy Girl Scout Cookies," the ad states

Photo: Source:Girl Scout Cookies/Facebook

Want to be like Leonardo DiCaprio? Easy, just buy some Girl Scout cookies!

After DiCaprio, 41, was seen enthusiastically snacking on the treat he purchased at the Academy Awards last month, those entrepreneurial Girl Scouts cleverly decided to take advantage of the A-listers’ love for sweets.

The group posted an ad to their Facebook page using the Best Actor Oscar winner as their frontman and mimicking the viral “Be Like Bill” internet meme.

“This is Leo. Leo wants an Oscar. Leo buys Girl Scout Cookies at the Awards. Leo wins an Oscar,” reads the poster with a photo of DiCaprio eating cookies on it. “Leo is smart. Be like Leo. Buy Girl Scout Cookies.”

At the Oscars ceremony, Chris Rock used his hosting gig to encourage the audience to buy his daughters’ cookies.

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“I want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and I want you to buy some of my daughters’ Girl Scout cookies,” he joked. “Are we going to deny my princesses from cookies?”

And DiCaprio certainly wasn’t the only one at the awards ceremony who enjoyed the mid-ceremony snack. Christian Bale, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon and more nabbed a box cookies.

But if you really want to be like the actor, he was eating Trefoils – you’re welcome.

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