Rachel Bloom’s Golden Globe win for best performance in a television series was a win for musical theater nerds everywhere.

The star, creator and writer behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is killing it – but Bloom, 28, has always been a flamboyant force of musical comedy genius. Since 2011, she’s posted goofy musical numbers to her YouTube channel, racheldoesstuff, which has more than 50,000 subscribers.

If you’re already a crazy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan, or are interested in dabbling, check out five of Bloom’s funniest videos.

1. Pictures of Your D–––

“‘Cause all I can do is lay around / and post pictures of your d––– on the Internet.”

2. I Steal Pets

The Rebecca Black sound + creepy pet-stealing neuroses = the perfect getting-ready jam.

3. You Can Touch My Boobies

“Sex, sex, sexy sex. Boner, boner, uterus.”

4. F––– Me, Ray Bradbury

“Houston, we have a throb-lem.”

5. Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song

“There goes the blacksmith with his daughter-wife, 10 years old and pregnant with her brother’s son.”

In conclusion: Rachel Bloom is a national treasure.

If you’re not watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, remedy that immediately.