This Sunday's emcee will work the public's comments about presenters into his intros
Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

And the Emmy for best Tweet goes to you.

In a bold new move, this Sunday night’s Emmys host Jimmy Fallon has opened the door for public comments about the TV ceremony’s presenters – such as Tina Fey, Matthew Morrison, Neil Patrick Harris, January Jones, newlyweds Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin and the list, as evidenced here, goes on.

Fallon and his team of writers will then pick the best Tweets and incorporate them into his on-air material. The Aug. 29 62nd annual Emmys will air from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles starting at 8 p.m. ET.

“Jon Hamm himself could Tweet in and say, ‘This man is bigger than Jesus,’ and that could be the one we choose,” Fallon said during a Wednesday conference call, New York’s Daily News reports. “This technology hasn’t really existed in the past, but now Twitter is out there and happening.”

Speaking to reporters, Fallon, 35, didn’t wait for the public to Tweet about one presenter, America’s revitalized sweetheart, Betty White.

“Hopefully, she’s not drunk,” he said, jokingly (it is assumed). “We were at a John Mayer concert together last night, and it was just a mess trying to get her back in the car.”

Fallon, who can be followed on Twitter @jimmyfallon, also acknowledged that Tweets were already arriving – not that he was providing any previews. “I like people to be surprised,” he said. “But I wish it could air tomorrow so you can see. I’m pretty proud of what we’re doing.”

Of his own participation, Fallon told PEOPLE earlier this week – when he challenged Jersey Shore‘s The Situation to a crunch-off – “It’s a big gig, but I host for a living now. I’m more looking forward to doing it. You get to see all of your favorite stars in the same room. It’s fun.”

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