By Julia Emmanuele
Updated September 18, 2016 11:35 PM

With respect to the night’s host, Jimmy Kimmel, the 2016 Emmys really belonged to the following group of stars, who managed to steal the show away from other presenters, awards and Kimmel himself, thanks to hilarious bits, quick one-liners and, in one memorable case, a surprising cameo.

Aziz Ansari (and his family)
Sure, he got cut off when he went to thank his parents after he and Master of None co-creator Alan Yang won outstanding writing in a comedy series, but Ansari made the most of every other moment on camera. From sitting on his mother’s lap while best actor in a comedy was being presented, to joking about deporting Jeffrey Tambor so that he could finally win an Emmy, Ansari did his best to make sure that we’d remember his bits long after the show ended. But even he couldn’t hold a candle to his overjoyed father, Shoukath, who continued to steal attention by gleefully waving to the crowd whenever Ansari mentioned him. “My father is very upset about his snub, by the way,” Ansari joked, and honestly, so are we.

Leslie Jones
The SNL and Ghostbusters star joined the accountants from Ernst & Young to talk about how the Emmy votes are protected, and (if we’re being truthful) liven the least-watched part of the show up a bit. She managed to all that while also taking a stand against all of the online harassment and racist abuse that she’s endured this summer. “You know what you should be protecting,” she scolded the accountants, “my Twitter account! Put that in the boat, please! Y’all over here using your skills to protect best voice-over in a French sitcom, meanwhile I’m butt naked on CNN.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a mic drop.

The Cast of Stranger Things
They took the red carpet by storm, effectively winning best dressed, best poses, and most enthusiastic; they warmed up the audience by performing at the pre-show and they hopped on their bikes to hand out PB&Js to the starving masses. It’s safe to say that Millie Bobbie Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, and Gaten Matarazzo showed us all how to take an awards show by storm. (Just wait until they’re nominated next year!)

Jimmy Kimmel’s Mom
Proving that a snack break is now officially a part of any good awards show – thanks, Ellen! – Kimmel recruited his mother, Joan, to make over 7,000 sandwiches for everyone in the audience. (Maybe. If he really did that, that’s kind of insane. Props to whatever catering company put together 7K PB&Js, though.)( And though she only had a tiny bit of screen time, she forever earned a place in our hearts thanks to her deep, lifelong love of Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation.

Matt Damon
He might not have ever managed to get on Kimmel’s show, but he did manage to score a prime ticket to the Emmys – mostly to ridicule his nemesis for losing the award for outstanding variety series. “That’s a bummer,” Damon mused about Kimmel’s loss, chomping on an apple. “I mean, it makes sense, but you must be really bummed out,” he added, before taunting him about the afte-rparty that Kimmel wasn’t invited to. Looks like they’re going to need a few more sessions of couples counseling to work through this.

John Mayer’s Guitar Face
Perhaps the most unexpected moment of the night came courtesy of not a surprise win or a performance from the Stranger Things kids, but from the reveal that John Mayer was playing guitar in the orchestra pit the whole night. Because at the end of the day, nothing says “party” like a sick guitar solo … in a shallow hole in the stage.