Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor Nearly 3,000 Miles Apart During Emmys, Still Give Us #RelationshipGoals

They weren't even in the same place, but they are still all kinds of adorable

Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor didn’t attend the Emmys together – they weren’t even on the same coast during the broadcast. But, somehow, they still managed to be the cutest couple of the evening.

Taylor was in New York City on Emmy night, spending her day in rehearsals for the upcoming Broadway revival of The Front Page, which opens on Tuesday.

Paulson didn’t attend the night stag – instead, she brought the real-life Marcia Clark, who Paulson was nominated (and won) for portraying in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Though the lovebirds were physically separated for the evening, they didn’t hesitate to chat about one another all night long.

Taylor started tweeting about her excitement well before they rolled out the red carpet.

She retweeted Paulson’s fans.

She was worried about the weather.

She called Paulson a “true beauty,” even when she’s wearing a face mask.

Which yes, yes she is.

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Taylor was pretty bummed to be missing the whole thing in person.

But she made sure to document her emotions over the course of the night on Twitter – starting with Paulson’s arrival.

She had pretty much the same reaction we all did to Paulson’s green, sequined gown.

And Paulson kept Taylor a part of her evening from early on, giving her a shout-out on the red carpet during an interview with E!‘s Giuliana Rancic.

“Hi Holland,” she said. “If you’re watching, Holland Taylor, I love you.”

Taylor was quick to reply (on Twitter – where else?) that she indeed was watching.

And then when Paulson won for outstanding actress in a limited series, well, Taylor was totally psyched.

She reminded us that Paulson is an icon.

Paulson gave Taylor the sweetest thank you during her acceptance speech.

“And Holland Taylor, I love you,” she said before walking off the stage.

And back in New York, Taylor was still celebrating. She retweeted all sorts of congratulations.

Hours later, Taylor still wasn’t over it.

Neither were we!

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