Tracy Morgan nearly died after a fatal highway crash in June 2014
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Tracy Morgan made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Emmys in Los Angeles on Sunday, earning a standing ovation.

More than a year after a deadly car crash left him in serious condition, Morgan took the stage to present the award for best drama series.

“Last year, Jimmy Kimmel said on stage, ‘I’ll see you next year,’ ” Morgan said. “Thanks to my doctors and my beautiful wife, I’m here standing on my own two feet.”

“Only recently have I started to feel like myself again,” he added.

Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski were shocked to see their former 30 Rock co-star as well.

“I didn’t know he was coming and I saw him backstage and we both started crying. It was wonderful!” Fey tells PEOPLE.

Krakowski added, “It was an unbelievable moment. It was such a surprise. My favorite moment of the night.”

While backstage, Morgan snapped a photo with Mad Men winner Jon Hamm, sharing it on Twitter with the caption: “Man it feels good to be back!!! Love you all!”

After his appearance, Morgan told reporters, “It was overwhelming. I waited 15 months. I missed this stuff, so when I got on stage, it was overwhelming for me, and I just had to not be so emotional at that moment. I just wanted to let them know I missed them very much.”

The actor and comedian also opened up about his recovery.

“Part of my therapy was seeing TV and seeing my friends, and saying, ‘I’m coming back.’ ” he said. “I just hope my tragedy and Jimmy’s death isn t in vain. I hope that the thing that happened to me can be prevented now – from people just dying on the road.”

Morgan added, “If God can get you to it, he’ll get you through it. I’m here. We’ll get through it, and that’s all my wife kept saying: ‘You’ll get through it. You’ll get to the funny again.’ And we did that tonight. We thanked everyone, we got to the funny. Like Will Ferrell says, ‘You know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice.’ It’s going to take more than 18 wheels!”

Last month, Morgan tied the knot with Megan Wollover in an intimate wedding.

“After almost losing Tracy last year, I am so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life,” Wollover told PEOPLE at the time.

Morgan was determined to walk down the aisle by himself. “I don’t want to walk my wife down the aisle with a cane or in a wheelchair,” he told PEOPLE in June. “So I had to go hard with the therapy I had to get better. There was no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

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Fox aired the 2015 Emmy Awards, hosted by Andy Samberg, live on Sept. 20.