By Laura Lane
Updated September 17, 2015 05:05 PM
Credit: Scott Schafer/Fox

Andy Samberg has already given some hints about what to expect from his 2015 Emmys hosting gig on Sunday, from adding oxygen to the room like a casino to warning people to "buckle their seat belts" because “it’s gonna be a wild ride.”

But why look any further than the star’s own Rolodex – and comedic talents – for hints on what we might see? Based on his friendships and funniness, here are our best guesses of tricks he may try:

1. Impersonations
Samberg wasn’t necessarily known for doing tons of impersonations while on Saturday Night Live, but he happily cleared things up when he hosted the show in 2014 by showing off his arsenal of celebrity imitations. Watch out nominees (and really, watch out anyone in the room)!

2. Trotting Out Famous Friends
Samberg is as likable as they come, and because of that, he has a lot of famous friends who say “yes!” when he asks them to do something. Heck, he got Justin Timberlake to co-star in infamous SNL digital shorts like “Dick in a Box” and “Motherlover,” and counts his SNL co-stars and his silver screen co-stars like Mila Kunis (Friends with Benefits) and Paul Rudd and Jason Segel (I Love You, Man) as comrades. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them lend a hand.

3. A Brooklyn Nine-Nine Plug
The Emmys are on Fox, and Samberg’s show Brooklyn Nine-Nine – which he won an Emmy for – is also on Fox. Expect at least one bit (hopefully with co-stars!) to plug the moderately watched, though critically acclaimed, comedy.

4. Song and Dance
Samberg got his start on SNL because of his work with his sketch comedy troupe The Lonely Island, a group of three guys who have produced some of the greatest song-and-dance viral videos around (their most popular, “I Just Had Sex,” has more than 236 million views). Need more proof Samberg has moves? Just watch him hold his own next to the one and only Beyoncé.

5. Just Keeping It Friendly
Even when Samberg roasted James Franco, he gave compliments disguised as digs – and actually ended up roasting himself. Needless to say, Samberg’s style isn’t “mean guy,” and he’s promised to keep the Emmys “light, silly and fun.” And we can’t wait to watch.