The host recreates the 1971 "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" ad

By Emily Strohm
Updated September 21, 2015 12:10 AM
Credit: Courtesy Fox

Host Andy Samberg showcased his singing chops at Sunday s 67th Primetime Emmy Awards when he spoofed the Coca-Cola ad featured in the series finale of AMC’s Mad Men.

Wearing a blonde wig, the comedian, 37, recreated the classic add – which first aired in 1971 – with a twist on the lyrics.

“I sure am happy for everyone who has won, he says. “It is a real bummer that there are more losers than winners. If only there was something I can do.”

Samberg then breaks into song as he tosses the golden statues to everyone around him before the video takes a violent turn when he accidentally stabs actor Jim O’Heir with an Emmy.

“With blood spattered on O’Heir s white shirt, a frantic Samberg screams, “I killed him, I killed him!” just before the words “Emmys Can Kill” come across the screen.

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Fox aired the 2015 Emmy Awards, hosted by Andy Samberg, live on Sept. 20.