Sure, Poehler didn't technically win, but this GIF is even better than one of those statue things

Prompting a collective sigh of disappointment heard around the world, Amy Poehler lost her sixteenth Emmy nomination. (Reaches for tissue.)

What made the situation even more upsetting for fans was that it was her last opportunity to take home a statue for her role Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation‘s eternal optimist, small town politician extraordinaire and No. 1 waffle fan.

But rather than sulk at the injustice (no hate, Julia Louis-Dreyfus!), Poehler shrugged it off (in a hoodie, no less), basically winning the Emmys, if only in our hearts.

More importantly, it’s a wonderful reminder on how to handle haters. Below, just a few situations Poehler’s wonderfully GIF-able moment could apply to.

Strolling in three hours late to work and then taking an extra-long lunch break.

Dropping the last few bites of pizza on the floor, but eating it anyways.

Using the sniff test as a barometer for doing your laundry.

Not ordering fries, and then eating half your date’s plate.

Dropping the f-bomb on live television. (That’s what the bleeps are for!)

Being that person who refuses to split the check evenly because you only ordered a $10 salad.

Saying you want to Netflix and chill, and genuinely meaning you want to relax on your couch with Orange Is the New Black on the screen.

Waiting until the next morning to do the dishes for no real reason.

Ignoring everyone who tells you to calm down about Amy Poehler losing out on an Emmy for the SIXTEENTH time.