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May 01, 2013 05:05 PM

In 2012, Chandler Massey made history when he became the first actor to win a Daytime Emmy for portraying a gay character in the outstanding young actor category.

On Wednesday, he was nominated again.

“It feels great,” Massey, 22, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a huge honor and I’d love to have another piece of hardware but we’ll see what happens in June.”

Massey, who plays Will Horton on the soap – which was nominated for 17 awards – says his character’s life has gotten complicated of late. “He came out of the closet and is now in a relationship with another guy,” he says, “but he just found out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and now he has a baby on the way!”

The crazier, the better, it seems. “To show a guy going from a kid filled with self-doubt and self-loathing and being afraid to verbalize why, to him becoming a confident young man who embraces himself and is finding love with another man, it’s been an actor’s dream,” he says.

And he has no fear of being typecast, adding that “there was such an outpouring of support, fan mail and tweets, saying ‘this story hits so close to home, please do it justice,’ so if I was afraid of anything, it was to get it right, not that I was playing a gay man.”

At this year’s Emmys on June 18, Massey hopes to be in the moment – at least more so than least year.

“When they called my name last year, I was crazy nervous and didn’t hear it because my heart was beating so fast,” says Massey. “My dad leaned over, I could feel him pounding me on the chest, saying ‘Go, go go.’ This year, I won’t be as nervous!”

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