Daft Punk Unmasked: See the Grammy-Winning Robots Sans Helmets

Get a peek at exactly who is under those helmets

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Daft Punk’s performance and, of course, album of the year win at the 2014 Grammys exposed the French electronic duo to a crush of new listeners. Yet, the mysterious musical duo also left many with questions. Well, one question in particular: “What’s under those helmets?”

Daft Punk’s identity isn’t a total enigma. The real names of the musicians – Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – aren’t a secret. It’s finding pictures of these men that’s the problem, since the pair wear their formal robot attire to nearly all public appearances.

However, the post-Grammy surge in Daft Punk’s popularity has led to an increased effort to find photos of the men unmasked, and it didn’t take the Internet long to “Get Lucky.” Less than a week after their big win, both old and new pictures of Daft Punk sans helmets are spreading around the Web.

Here’s proof that this electronic team is human on the inside. Are you ready?

Machines love movies, too. Thomas Bangalter, the taller of the two robots, went to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival out of character with his wife, French actress Elodie Bouchez.

Daft Punk, without helmets, playing beer pong

imgur: bout2callbovice/Facebook: The Knocks

Some sports require helmets; “champagne pong” isn’t one of them. In a photo posted on Facebook by fellow electronic group The Knocks in June 2013, Daft Punk took off their gear while playing a little table tennis.

Sometimes Daft Punk speak for themselves; in 1995, the guys gave a rare interview without their outfits on.

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