7 Things We're Excited to See at the 2016 'Billboard' Music Awards

Justin Bieber might have a lion?

Photo: Splash News Online

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards are shaping up to be insanely juicy. And we’re excited. Here’s why.

What’s Kesha Going to Do?

Will Kesha be making a public statement on the Dr. Luke controversy? Will her wardrobe reference #FreeKesha? Will any of the celebrities who have spoken out in her favor use the Billboard Awards as a platform to also make a statement? She promised Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records that her performance would not address the controversy, but anything’s possible.

Rihanna and Drake

Please, will these two just confirm what we know in our hearts to be true and publicly debut as a couple? Or will they continue to play coy? Only one of those outcomes ends in tears.

The Biebs

What, oh what will Justin Bieber do? He’s been gallivanting around shoelesswith lions and getting face tattoos and generally, well, kind of just being Justin Bieber. Will he debut a new hairstyle? A new song? A new lion?

Madonna‘s Prince Tribute

Will it be subtle and understated, like an Adele performance? Or completely over-the-top and insane, like Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute at the Grammys? Most importantly, what will she be wearing? Something purple, almost assuredly. Something demure? Probably not.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

What degree of PDA can we expect from these two? A lot? A tasteful amount? Will they wear coordinating outfits, a la Justin and Britney at the 2001 VMAs? We’ve been through so much with these two already, don’t let us down now.

Céline Dion Covers Queen

Dion will be honored with the BBMA’s ICON lifetime achievement award, and she’ll be performing Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” with electronic violinist and YouTube star Lindsey Stirling. Considering all that Dion’s been through recently – and that she’s one of the few people on the planet with the vocal chops to pull off a Queen song – we have high hopes for this performance.

Adele’s New Video

It’s a new Adele video. Will it go insanely viral like “Hello?” Probably. Will it be stylish and emotional? Presumably. Will we cry? Yes.

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