Plus: Joe Jonas and DNCE tell Heidi they'd have "cake by the ocean" with her anytime

By Stephanie Petit
Updated May 23, 2016 01:25 PM
Credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Heidi Klum might need to find some more G-rated songs to sing with her kids in the car.

The 42-year-old model told PEOPLE that DNCE’s hit “Cake by the Ocean” was currently her family’s go-to song.

“I live in L.A. and I have four kids, so I do sit in the car a lot,” Klum shares. “We do listen to the radio a lot, and when that song is on, it’s like full [volume]. It’s a huge hit in my household.”

However, when asked what “cake by the ocean” means, Klum had to be filled in that it’s a euphemism for “sex on the beach.”

“I will not tell my kids that,” Klum said with a laugh.

PEOPLE later spoke to Joe Jonas and the rest of DNCE about Klum learning the song’s true meaning. Jonas didn’t seem concerned that Klum would be pulling “Cake by the Ocean” from her playlist any time soon.

“I feel like her kids know that their mother is Heidi Klum and she’s super hot, so I think they’re probably going to learn quickly that there’s crazier things in the world than ‘cake by the ocean,'” Jonas told PEOPLE.

Jonas quickly added, “We’re happy to share and have ‘cake by the ocean’ with Heidi anytime. All four of us.”

PEOPLE also asked Klum about her topless swim with boyfriend Vito Schnabel while in Cannes last week, and she’s not shy about talking about the skinny-dipping session.

“When you are in the south of France, you have to do how the French would do,” Klum says. “You don’t wear a top necessarily.

The model also points out that the couple made every effort to get some privacy before stripping down.

“We did take a boat ride for an hour and a half in order to find the most secluded beach where there was no one on it, and clearly someone found us,” she says. “I’m not being topless on a public beach with thousands of people around me.”

Was any “cake by the ocean” happening in France on those empty beaches?

“I’m not telling you that,” Klum coyly replies.