Did Lorde steal her dance moves from Jennifer Lawrence?

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 27, 2014 06:45 PM
Credit: Everett: Getty

Beyoncé opened the Grammys with “Drunk in Love” and brought viewers back to the ’80s with chair acrobatics reminiscent of Jennifer Beals’s racy routine in 1983’s Flashdance.

Queen Bey, strapped into La Perla lingerie, made the moment her own, but it’s hard to ignore the similarities.

Beyoncé wasn’t the only trendsetter at Sunday’s show to recreate moments from pop culture’s past. Here are five more Grammy darlings who prompted the question, “Where have I seen that before?”

Smokey Bear and Pharrell Williams

Williams spent most of Sunday night playing robot translator, but his hat had its own agenda. The cap that launched a thousand Tweets was compared to mountain gear and the Arby’s logo, but a side-by-side shot with Smokey Bear shows where the rapper really stole his style from.

Madonna 2003 and Madonna 2014

For her part in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s historic performance of “Same Love,” Madonna took a note from one of the most fashion-forward people she knows: herself. The material girl’s white suit and cane is a near copy of Madonna’s look in Britney Spears‘s “Me Against the Music” video.

Sleeper and Daft Punk

Record of the year winners Daft Punk ditched the usual black-and-chrome look for more formal white attire. While the wardrobe change added a touch of class, it also added a touch of Woody Allen weirdness.

Pink 2010 and Pink 2014

After wowing crowds with her 2010 acrobatic performance of “Glitter in the Air,” Pink took to the Grammy sky again this year to perform “Try.” This trick never gets old.

Jennifer Lawrence and Lorde

Lorde’s zombie dino dance moves are a topic of great debate on the Web. Where did they come from? What do they mean? Is this how the royals dance? Once again, Jennifer Lawrence is here to save the day. It’s obvious now that Lorde was trying to mimic J-Law’s legendary Golden Globe photobomb.

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