11 Ways Beyoncé and Solange Prove They're the Most Supportive, Glamorous Sisters Ever

This family has a pretty high fabulous factor, but there's no competition between the two — just love.

Source: Solange Instagram

There are lots of sets of sisters in the world, but few are as goal-setting as Beyoncé and little sis Solange, who have both won Grammys tonight. They’re nearly identical, both crazy talented, and pretty much all-around perfect.

And yes, this family has a pretty high fabulous factor, but there’s no competition between the two — just love. Here’s proof.

1. Beyoncé wrote a rare Instagram caption about her sister’s album.

It’s not often that Queen Bey graces one of her artsy Instagrams with a caption — she’s more of a strong, silent type. But for the release of Solange’s new album, A Seat at the Table, Bey couldn’t resist sharing a few words in celebration. “Congrats to my sister on creating this beautiful work of art,” she wrote. “I could not be more proud of you @saintrecords. A Seat At The Table is available today!”

2. She stopped by The Early Show to sing her sister’s praises.

Her show of Insta support is no surprise: Beyoncé has long been Solange’s biggest cheerleader.

Back in 2008, she appeared on The Early Show to chat about her sister’s new album, and said nothing but the sweetest things.

“It brings me to tears when I watch her,” Beyoncé said. “She’s grown up so much. She’s like my baby. She’s just an incredible songwriter, so creative. She’s not afraid to be an individual and speak her mind. She had that star quality from age five.”

3. Solange writes songs for Beyoncé.

The career support goes both ways for the Knowles sisters. Solange, a singer-songwriter, penned the tune “Why Don’t You Love Me,” a track off her sister’s I AM…SASHA FIERCE album, with Bey specifically in mind.

4. They don’t hide their love for one another, no matter where they are.

You and your sister may have dance parties in your basement, but Bey and her sister have them on stage at Coachella (with some sick choreographed moves). Oh, and let’s not forget their adorable photoshoot on stage at Saturday Night Live …

5. They take each other as dates to special events.

They both may be married (Solange to video director Alan Ferguson and Bey to Jay, duh!) but the sisters have a habit of leaving their men at home in favor of nights out with one another. They’ve attended events like the Grammys, the VMAs and Fashion Week side-by-side.

6. They take the coolest family photos.

Only the Knowles family takes wedding portraits like these.

7. Even their childhood photos are fabulous.

You can’t hide the glam, even at the tender ages of eight and three.

8. They both bow at the throne of their incredible mom, Tina.

But really, don’t we all? The woman gave us Queen Bey and Solange, and for that, we are all thankful.

9. They do normal sister things together, too.

Even when you’re Beyoncé and Solange, sometimes you just need some normal sister time — like laughing over a couple of beers.

10. They’re constantly learning (and embracing!) things about each other.

Case in point: Beyoncé’s interview with Solange for Interview, where the “Formation” crooner first found out about her little sister’s obsession with The Real Housewives of Atlanta — a show Solange watches “religiously.”

11. Their kids are bound to be best friends.

If the sisters’ strong bond is any indication, Beyoncé’s twins and Solange’s son Daniel Julez will be as close as can be.

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