The singer apologized for spreading the fender bender rumor
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Austin Mahone learned first-hand how quickly spreading rumors can turn into an apology when you’re in Hollywood.

The 19-year-old singer told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! on Thursday that he heard Kylie Jenner crashed the Ferrari boyfriend Tyga recently gave her for 18th birthday.

But turns out, it was all just an Internet rumor, he told PEOPLE at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday.

“I was at the party and I saw she got a Ferrari,” Mahone says. “And then a couple hours later I saw on Twitter and I saw like the same Ferrari, like the same color and it was all smashed up and like everyone was going crazy on Twitter like ‘Oh, Kylie crashed her Ferrari’ and I was like ‘Oh, no way.’ ”

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Mahone said he figured if everyone on Twitter was talking about it, it had to be true.

“Classic starting rumors online,” he says. “I’m sorry if I started a rumor. I didn’t mean to. That’s what happened but she told me that she didn’t crash it so … her Ferrari’s fine, everything’s good.”

Reporting by ABBY STERN