January 14, 2016 05:10 PM

Amy Winehouse‘s father, Mitch Winehouse, is paying tribute to his late daughter for receiving a BRIT Award nomination four years after her death – but not for the Oscar nomination that was nabbed by a documentary about her life.

Mitch took to Twitter to praise Amy for the musical legacy she’s left behind.

“Just heard Amy nominated for Brit for best British female singer. We are so proud of you baby,” he wrote.

In the same tweet that praised Winehouse’s BRIT Award, Mitch also expressed his distaste for the titular film.

“Still hate the film though!” he concluded his tweet.

Amy’s family has fiercely criticized the documentary in the past, calling it “unbalanced” and “misleading.” The singer’s stepfather, Richard Collins, says he and Amy’s mother, Janis, will never see the film.

“We’ve not see the film, it’s that simple,” Collins tells PEOPLE. “It’s purely the fact that Jan cannot bring herself to watch her daughter die on the big screen.”

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“It’s like watching her over and over, that’s the worst part,” added Janis.

Amy died from alcohol poisoning in 2011 after years of battling drug addiction. Nearly four years later – and after writing a memoir titled Loving Amy: A Mother’s Story – Janis says she has come to terms with her daughter’s tragic passing.

“There was nothing I could have done that was different,” Janis says: “She wasn’t the Amy that I know and brought up and that s what was horrible.”

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