VIDEO: Her Back to Black collaborator, Mark Ronson, adds that the troubled singer is doing "good"

Video courtesy AP

Amy Winehouse is still reeling from her recent woes – scrapping her U.K. tour and coping with her husband’s incarceration. But singer and music producer Mark Ronson tells PEOPLE that his good friend is doing well and getting “psyched” for her six Grammy nominations.

“She’s good,” says Ronson, 32, who produced much of Winehouse’s record-of-the-year candidate, Back to Black. “I called her today because the record was something that we went through together … Hopefully she will get into America so we can celebrate.”

(The singer’s October pot bust in Norway could cause her visa difficulties. She’s now appealing the charge.)

Winehouse, 24, is also up for best new artist and song of the year for “Rehab.” So what was her reaction?

“Amy doesn’t get excited about anything,” Ronson explains. “She was never once excited while in the studio. And today she is just like, ‘Yeah, Ronnie, chops, we got Grammy nominations.’ That’s her. But she is happy and psyched.”