Alicia Vikander regrets not being in a scene with Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina that has become a fan favorite
Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Alicia Vikander is green with envy over Oscar Isaac, and it has nothing to do with Star Wars.

PEOPLE caught up with the double Golden Globe nominee on her big night this past weekend, where, in addition to stepping out with boyfriend Michael Fassbender, she copped to feeling left out of a fan-favorite moment from Ex Machina – one of four buzzworthy movies she made in 2015.

“Talking about dancing, I did a film called Ex Machina and I missed out on a very good dance scene in that film,” says Vikander, 27, of Isaac’s memorable dance sequence in the acclaimed sci-fi movie. “That’s probably what I’m going to remember, the dancing that I missed out on.”

Dancing envy aside, Vikander is still trying to take in all the attention, particularly the award nominations.

“It is totally overwhelming. I’m just so happy, I can’t really get my head around it,” she said of her two Globe nods, adding that getting all dolled up in designer duds for awards season has been a major adjustment.

“I wake up with my track pants on, that’s like my style,” she says. “So to get to put on pieces of art like this, I feel like a princess.”