We're going to get through this together

By Lydia Price
Updated February 10, 2016 09:30 AM

It’s happening, everyone: Adele is returning to the Grammy Awards stage on Feb. 15.

As if the emotions surrounding Valentine’s Day weren’t enough, we’re all going to have to prepare ourselves for the inevitable flood of feels that will accompany her performance.

But don’t worry, if we accept what we’re up against and take the necessary precautions, we might not end up being inconsolable balls of emotion curled up on the floor and blabbering about Adele incoherently after the show. Yes, we will weep, but we will weep with dignity.

Below, a surefire guide to preparing yourself for Adele’s glory:

Rehearse how you will politely tell people that you’re busy if they ask to hang Monday night, so you don’t indignantly snap at them about how you cleared your schedule the second Adele announced she would be performing.

And if they keep pushing, explain how their needs pale in comparison to the greatness of Adele.

Listen to her most heart-wrenching ballads in the days leading up to the awards so you’re used to the goosebumps.

And re-watch some of your favorite Adele interviews to re-acclimate yourself to her awesome power.

You might even want to dive into her past Grammys performances (again):

Resist the urge to try and reason with the insane people who say they aren’t watching the Grammys. You can’t save them all, and you need to conserve your passionate sentiments.

Confront the fact that, yes, you will probably feel heartsick when she starts singing, but remember that you’re a pro at the single life at this point. You can get through this!

Watch some life insurance commercials, Titanic or anything else that tends to bring on the water works and have yourself a good cry. Maybe you’ll run out of tears before she hits the stage!

Reminisce about all the good times you’ve had watching, listening to and pretending to be best friends with Adele.

On the day of the Grammys, make sure you drink a few cups of coffee or tea, so that you’ll have the emotional energy to make it to the show (it airs at 8 p.m. ET on CBS).

Get a little glam so you feel ready to be in Adele’s presence, even if it’s just through a TV screen.

But embrace the fact that your cat eye is probably going to be ruined when you start crying after her first note.

Make sure you have friends or family on hand for the hugs you’re going to need.

A puppy will work too.

Have someone hide or put a new passcode on your phone so you won’t post any alarmingly weepy statuses in the wake of the performance/a.k.a. emotional A-bomb.

Try to quietly appreciate the other performers even though you’re secretly wishing they would just let Adele perform the entire time.

Take some deep breaths to steady your heart rate when it appears we’re minutes away from the big moment.

Go into it knowing that all good things must come to an end, including this performance, and be ready to let yourself grieve.

And don’t hold back the tears.

We’re going to get through this.