Vickie Bane

Henthorn pushed his wife off a ledge on a hike celebrating the couple's 12th anniversary
Henthorn is charged with pushing his wife off a Colorado cliff in a death that was initially declared an accident
Prosecutor: 'This was not the first time the defendant claimed a wife of his died in an accident'
"Mandy had a heart of gold and an awesome personality," says longtime friend Tawnya Bowie
The comedian receives cheers on the same day Gloria Allred and one of his accusers host a rally in support of the women who've come forward
Search warrants reveal damning evidence against Henthorn, charged with murder in Toni's death
Fifteen years after JonBenét Ramsey's shocking murder, her father has finally found some peace
The actor's sister DeOndra takes a leading role as a Down syndrome ambassador
"This whole deal is designed to keep the family together," says Richard Heene's lawyer
Lawyer says Richard Heene will plead guilty to prevent Japanese wife's deportation
Richard Heene may have wanted to land another reality show. But after a balloon escapade that riveted the nation, he's only landed in hot water
Mayumi Heene says the infamous flight was "intentional," but Richard Heene's criminal fate is still up in the air
The two-hour flight prompts the FAA to probe the "particularly peculiar" case for regulatory violations
"He wasn't very nice to me," says Sheree Silver, "but I don't think he would be physically abusive"
Sheriff Alderden now says either one or both Richard and Mayumi Heene may face misdemeanor charges
But investigators still plan to re-interview the family, who likely won't pay for the rescue effort
Injured creatures from dolphins to dogs keep on moving thanks to new prosthetic tails, flippers and paws