Rodrigo's new track serves as a welcome (and surprising!) upbeat contrast to her moodier first two songs
In a lengthy letter to fans, Minaj addressed the death of her father after three months after the hit-and-run accident in February
Lindsey Buckingham, Alessia Cara and Sheryl Crow are among those set to perform at American Idol's grand finale
"I don't know who has hugged that many presidents in that short of time," the country star said of embracing Biden, Bush, Clinton and Obama at Inauguration 2021
"I love songwriting more than putting out songs," Rodrigo told Billboard in their most recent cover story
"I don't think I've ever really thought of being not a part of this group," Jimin tells Rolling Stone in its newest cover story
The films are set to feature appearances from the likes of Cardi B, Emilio Estefan and the reunion of Aventura
Kane Brown hosted the socially distanced awards show last year alongside Sarah Hyland and Ashley McBryde
"My time in Fifth Harmony, I didn't enjoy it. I didn't love it," Brooke shared on the first episode of her podcast The Ally Brooke Show
Demi Lovato is set to discuss issues from social activism to LGBTQ issues on her upcoming podcast 4D with Demi Lovato. PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at its trailer
"If you're experiencing turbulence or pressure, that probably means you're rising," Taylor Swift said in an empowering speech Tuesday as she made history
"Life's too short to let ignorance and hatred win. I choose love," Bassett wrote on social media, referring to a number of rumors surrounding his sexuality
Accompanied by best friend Matthew and sister Dallas, Lovato will interview scientists, supposed alien abductees to "initiate close encounters and make peace with aliens"
Elton John is also set to be honored with the Icon Award while Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa are set to make special appearances
"Divorce sucks," the country star and actress said plainly as she opened up about her grieving process
Responsible for songs such as "Stagger Lee," "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and "I'm Gonna Get Married," Price was considered a pioneer of rock 'n' roll
"Love is the way!" the couple wrote on a receipt after paying for a group of women's $484 tab
The Grammy-winning rock band released its latest album Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia (Sounds of Karmatic Resonance) last month
The Latino boy band will continue as a foursome during the "new era of CNCO"
Pink's storybook might be a dystopia, but if Cher is god... we're not so sure.
"Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. I'm a living testimony as a Black Latina trans woman who people never thought would make it — and I did!" she tells PEOPLE
"It was a little daunting that I'm making my first album my name," Ashe tells PEOPLE about her debut album, which follows in the footsteps of her breakthrough hit "Moral of the Story"
"Sometimes you've got to embrace that other people get to watch that. Sometimes it's embarrassing, but sometimes you just have to own it," the star tells PEOPLE
"It was like looking at a room full of myself," Smithline tells PEOPLE in one of this week's cover stories of meeting with the other survivors. (Manson disputes the women's claims.)
In one of PEOPLE's cover stories this week, Smithline details the horrific abuse she says she faced at the hands of the metal rocker. "I survived a monster," she says, while Manson denies all