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President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly stressed their commitment to working together after their first face-to-face meeting Monday
Most recently, President Barack Obama ended the ban in 2009
"The eyes of the world are watching," said Gov. Jay Nixon on Saturday
The former presidential candidate was indicted Friday for abusing the power of his office
Oscar apparently made his way out by digging his claws into cracks in a concrete wall
Officials discovered a tabulation error that resulted in Fechtel being wrongly declared the winner
The Shield star shot wife April multiple times after she returned home with their children Monday, say police
Execution marked the first time Oklahoma used the sedative midazolam as part of its drug combination
Chinese satellites spotted an object 75 miles south of where an two objects were seen two days earlier
It all started when a 5-year-old girl got on the wrong bus, whose driver was a substitute
The massive intake of fluid caused her brain to swell and herniate, an autopsy revealed
When part of an Olympic Rings light show didn't happen, producers cut to rehearsal footage
He created and voiced puppet characters like Grandfather Clock and Dancing Bear
The actress died Sunday after a battle with bladder cancer
The pair were hit with a 39-count indictment returned Monday by a federal grand jury
Dr. Autumn Klein died April 20 after suddenly falling ill at home three days earlier
The Destiny's Child singer was on a ship whose captain became disoriented
On Sunday, King Philippe I became Belgium's seventh monarch after his father Albert abdicates
A friend says Thomas died at her apartment in Washington on Saturday morning
"Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy," the Consulate said
The football player turned play-by-play announcer, died Tuesday, his wife announced