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This is How the 'Pink Tax' Affects Latina Women

Here's why the "pink tax" is a greater burden to Latinas than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

Two Missouri Teachers Receive Grant from the 'We Are the Dream' Campaign for Helping DACA Recipients  

John Kearny and Connor Nowalk from Kansas City, MO are the first to win grant from the 'We Are The Dream' campaign for helping to change the lives of undocumented students.

You Pay More Than Men for Comparable Products Because of the 'Pink Tax'

Here's a roundup of 8 comparable products women pay more for than their male counterparts. To continue the conversation and learn more about the Pink Tax visit

Here's Why Jennifer Lopez Is Not Afraid to Eat Fried Pork-chops and Rice at 10 p.m.

Jennifer Lopez lets herself indulge in traditional — and fattening —  Latin plates no matter the time of day. Here's why.

Rosie Perez Says Hollywood Wanted Her To Be 'Completely White-Washed'

The Puerto Rican actress says she faced racism at the outset of her career and offers advice to emerging Latino actors.