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"Reading the letters made me realize who they were," Madeleine Fugate, 14, tells PEOPLE
Fearing for their lives, Reps. Susan Wild and Jason Crow made calls to their families
This week’s issue of PEOPLE pays tribute to people whose lives were cut short by COVID-19
This week's issue of PEOPLE pays tribute to people whose lives were cut short by COVID-19
"Most people can’t get back to their houses, so they don’t know if they are standing or not," Marion County Commissioner Kevin Cameron says of his Oregon community
"God places us in people’s lives for a reason and usually it is to help and serve,” says housekeeper Rosaura Quintero
Lt. Mariano Elias Jr. tells PEOPLE that "helping others is our gift" but he worries they might get the virus
Chelesa Fearce's mother experienced a health battle that led to a series of financial difficulties
Passengers who require medical treatment and hospitalization will be taken to medical facilities in California
Kevin Brown committed suicide after being accused of murdering 14-year-old Claire Hough
“Everyone should be kind — not just in El Paso, but every part of the world," says Ruben Martinez
The reality star discusses her new site POOSH, raising kids, spirituality and more with PEOPLE
The victims of the California boat fire were there for precious family time, birthday celebrations and an adventurous weekend out on the sea
Steve Salika, a senior manager at Apple, was on the Conception diving boat with his wife, Diana Adamic, and their daughter, Tia, when the fatal fire broke out
A commercial diving boat went down in flames early Monday, killing at least 24 people on the tail end of a Labor Day weekend excursion
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will collaborate on new drama The Morning Show
The deadly Camp Fire blaze has left many wondering whether they'll ever be able to return to the once-picturesque town of Paradise, California
"Something struck me about the fact that the markers were in terrible condition, and it made me really angry that no one was able to care for them," Andrew Lumish tells PEOPLE
"I just happen to wear my scars on the inside and the outside," Keith Edmonds tells PEOPLE
Inspiring teen Amelia Day overcame a severe speech disability and now brings the art of conversation to veterans
“It was embedded in me as a kid to never show any signs of weakness,” Brandon Marshall tells PEOPLE. “But you have to find the strength to pick up the phone and talk to someone."
"The first time was the worst of all. I really thought this is it, I’m not going to live," Baldwin recalled
“I can see how you can get swallowed up in the grief, but I wanted to make something good" come out of my brother's death," says Sherri Lucero. “I wanted to honor him and his life. My brother always had a heart for the homeless.”
“The best thing is knowing I can take something that no one wanted," says Dillon, "and transform it into something that make them feel beautiful.”
“Jordan would say, ‘Don’t worry about me. I’m going to change the world.’ His name is on this project,” Deb Binion says of her late son. “And he is changing the world and he is making a difference.”