Susan Keating

"My students love it," Nellie Williams of Fairfax, Virginia, says of her unique remote learning setup
"The ripple effect has just been astounding," says Sara Cunningham, founder of Free Mom Hugs
"I wondered about other women veterans who didn't have strong support at home," says Mea Williams. "What would happen to them?"
In early November, Sandy Blair's Operation WEBS completed the first of 12 tiny homes to go on a California ranch where women veterans will live
"I thought to myself, 'We could take these extremely durable materials that have such unique stories and turn them into fashionable bags that anyone would want to use,' " says Emily Nunez Cavness
She moved to Saudi Arabia eight years ago, fell in love and had a little girl — now, divorced and navigating an unfamiliar system, she's trying to hold on to her child
The victims of the California boat fire were there for precious family time, birthday celebrations and an adventurous weekend out on the sea
The suspicious deaths of Army Sergeant Felix McDermott and Air Force veteran George Nelson Shaw were murder, officials now say
Six officers were shot in an hours-long firefight on Wednesday evening
“I hope I can inspire others, don’t be scared to put others before yourself," says Glendon Oakley
"It's too soon to speculate on why he acted when he did," a source close to the investigation says
"I looked at my co-worker, and we looked at each other like shocked and scared,” a Walmart employee said
Letters reportedly written by Osama bin Laden and seized from the compound where he was killed indicated he’d been grooming his son to replace him as the leader of al-Qaeda
Three people were killed and 15 people were injured when a gunman opened fire at a food festival in Northern California
Colleagues gave Angela Farnan "everything I needed" for little Blaze, who was born with a rare heart defect
Little Blaze's birth mother asked nurse Angela Farnan to keep the baby boy, who was born with a rare heart defect
Twelve people were killed in a mass shooting at Virginia Beach's Municipal Center on Friday
Ronald Sanchez suffered bouts of depression stemming from his deployments in Iraq, but was recently feeling better
"I wanted to help other warriors walk off the war like I did," says Marine Corps veteran Sean Gobin
"The best part of this is it's increased autism acceptance," says mom Tracy
"This woman's case is particularly difficult because you have Saudi and Islamic customs, morals and religion coming into play," one outside expert says
In 2005, Lynn walked across the street and a speeding car — with a drunk driver at the wheel — came barreling at him
When Virginia teen Eric “Bean” McKay scored a lifetime supply of peanut butter, he decided to help spread the love to those in need
Teenage refugee Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is wide-eyed with wonder while learning to safely navigate her freshly adopted homeland of Canada, a friend says
It was early last Saturday when Saudi Arabian teenager Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun crept past her sleeping family and headed — she hoped — for a new life